I want to keep this picture of you

walking up the trail;

dancing in the sun and the rain.

I want to learn your silly little song,

watch your TV show

with vampires and all the inside jokes.

I want to get to really like your friends

and that pizza joint

that has open mike every time we go.

I want to feel your hand touching my face

painting seven stars

letting me see myself in your eyes.

We must conspire against distance and time

you and me in love

because that’s what we do

together us two

It’s a simple plan,

If we try we can.

Hold on, hold on, hold on to my arm.

We’ve brighten up the night

when we lassoed the moon.

We tamed the fiery beast

when we sailed the sea.

We have tasted the light

when we rode the wind.

Kimmie 09/27/2017