You Absolutely Care

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Lyrics and Music by Cisdavid

C                        e

I know people that care enough

A                      G

to be very civil and polite.


They are lovely.

d                     C

But they don’t care enough.


C                      e

There are people that care for me

A                             G

Thinking I am good at my own beat.


They are great guys.

d                       C

They kind of care somewhat.


C                               e

I’ve these friends that really care

A                        G

They listen, help and worry


They’re my family

d                  C

They really care a lot.


e                             b

But in the dark hours of the night

a                              G

the hard cold truth has to come out

d                               G

they’ve got their own lives to live

d           F         d       F      G

my problems fade are far and small.





You absolutely care

C                               D

you absolutely care what’s going on.

F                     C

For me’s all of your heart

a                    F

your time and strong arm

d             G              C – a – F- G

your friendly ear and those eyes…


You absolutely care…