Silent Dove

You look at me
and I can see your eyes
telling me spring is in the heart;
That light comes always from within.
And beauty,
beauty, with you, is very near.
Time is a bad excuse for mortal minds.

You open up your mouth.
There are no words.
I’m being shown the wisdom of a love,
that comes across so fully and so strong
that nothing hides it.
That nothing ends it.
That nothing stops it.

You touch my hand
I start to burn inside
with a small strange fire
that burns and shows
that that is so real,
so big, so pure, so loud
It deafens all other senses.

You listen to my words
and, silently, you say
that language is a lame
and complicated attempt
to quiet the obvious truth
of what’s been put in us all,
that longs to touch;
that dies to hold
the One who embodies pure love.

And you never said “love”.
And you never said “me”.
And you never pretended to love someone;
you just did.

With your hand on my lips,
You said: “Love was here;
Love is short for a while,
Then for eternity.

Silent Dove…