Without hanging on my questions
Without embracing my forever logical mind;
Without relying on my senses,
without depending on my trust
in seeing and in touching what is real.
Without awaiting for the answer
that will make sense
to my finite mind;
Without that pride of being
always somewhat unconvinced
I’m falling on my knees now
before your truth,
before your love and perfect peace.
And I’m with my face touching ground
covered with honor
with honor I have never, ever felt before.
My eyes are so filled with tears
that I can see so clear as I never did.
Your word has open up my ear
that all the noise has disappear
and I can hear,
and I can hear whatever it’s true
whatever it’s pure
whatever it’s loving
and it’s all about you.
There are no spoken words
but you can hear me loud and clear.
My soul is shouting out to you:
My Lord and my God.
My Lord and my King.
Jesus, the doubts are gone.